What is the Curriculum Like for Elementary Schools in Post Falls, Idaho?

The Post Falls School District is committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of each student. All courses are aligned with Idaho's content standards and are evaluated through integrated assessments. These state standards guarantee that all public school districts in Idaho have consistent academic standards in core subject areas while allowing local control over the selection and implementation of curriculum resources. Teachers use board-approved materials based on Idaho's content standards.

River Tech's Elementary and Homeschool Resource Center will offer a complete K-6 program with competency-based learning, allowing students to progress at their own rate. The curriculum will focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) while also providing artistic programming. River Tech is designed for tech-savvy and artistic kids who love music and technology. In addition to the traditional subjects (math, English, history, and science), students will learn programming, robotics, digital arts, as well as performing arts (drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, voice, band, performance, dance, and musical theater).

Competency-based learning allows each student to learn at their own speed while benefiting from a positive social environment. With a Christian and conservative worldview, students receive the academic social education they need to succeed in life. With a teacher-student ratio of 8:1, teachers are able to spend more time with each student. In September 2021, a competency-based private K-6 Christian elementary school will open on the River Church campus in Post Falls.

Genesis Preparatory Academy (GPA) is an independent non-denominational Christian school in Post Falls, Idaho.

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