Academic Support for Students in Post Falls, Idaho

Are you a student in Post Falls, Idaho looking for academic support? Idaho State University (ISU) has a range of programs and resources to help students achieve their educational objectives. From student orientation to tutoring services, ISU has something for everyone. The TRIO McNair Scholars program is designed to assist undergraduates in their last two years of study with the academic and professional development goal of participating in a research-based doctoral program. Native American Student Services provide academic counseling, mentoring, cultural activities, and more to indigenous peoples.

Tutoring information is available at the Pocatello Student Success Center (REND 323, 282-366) or in Idaho Falls (CHE 220, 282-792). ISU also makes significant efforts to comply with requests for “reasonable accommodations” to a course, policy, or physical barrier and will not discriminate in the hiring, admission, or treatment of students or employees with disabilities. The Post Falls School District provides social, emotional, mental, and physical health support for students through a variety of programs and services. They also strive to provide responsive academic and administrative support to veteran students, active duty military, guard and reserve soldiers and their families. The Office of Programming and Event Services helps students plan and coordinate meetings, conferences, programs, and other special events.

The Post Falls School District also collaborates with Heritage Health at the secondary level to provide social assistance services. In addition to these services, ISU also offers craft store facilities where students can design and create their next craft project. Courses are available for those who want to develop their critical and creative thinking in a more personalized environment than you would expect in typical courses. ISU is dedicated to helping students reach their educational goals. With the variety of programs and resources available, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for student orientation or tutoring services, ISU has you covered.

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