Four-Day School Week: Exploring the Benefits in Post Falls, Idaho

The Post Falls School District in Idaho is currently considering a four-day school week as a way to remain competitive in the recruitment and retention of staff. Starting this fall, the district will be running a pilot program to assess the impact of this change. Board President Michelle Lippert is confident that this shift will help them to attract and retain highly qualified personnel. The Post Falls Backpack program, which provides meals to students on weekends, will be expanded to include Fridays.

Superintendents from other districts that have implemented similar changes have reported a decrease in disciplinary referrals, reduced student and staff absenteeism, and other positive feedback. Post Falls parents will be surveyed again in the spring of 2024 to determine if they want to continue with the four-day school week. This survey will help the district evaluate whether the change has been successful and if it should be continued.

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