What is the Cost of Tuition for Public Schools in Post Falls, Idaho?

Post Falls, Idaho is a great place to get an education. From traditional brick-and-mortar schools to online learning options, there are plenty of ways to get an education in Post Falls. But what is the cost of tuition for these public schools?The cost of tuition for public schools in Post Falls, Idaho depends on the type of school and the student's residency status. Generally, tuition is free for students who live in the district.

However, if a student lives outside the district, they may be required to pay a non-resident tuition fee. Additionally, some public schools may offer part-time options or online classes that require a fee. For example, one of the state's newest charter schools, Elevate Academy Idaho Falls, offers professional technical education for at-risk students. Today, many Idaho families are combining school options to find new ways to personalize education. The Idaho Digital Learning Alliance is available to students in any type of educational environment, public or private. In the case of part-time options, Idaho students can sign up for online classes through the state's virtual school, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance.

If you live in one of the 14 participating states, you may be eligible for a significant reduction in tuition for non-residents. Students in grades 6 through 12 may also consider the Idaho Connects online school, while students in grades 7 through 12 may consider the iSucceed Virtual School and students in grades K-8 may consider Idaho Home Learning Academy. Keep in mind that your homeschooling child may be eligible to take classes at the local public school or participate in sports through state dual enrollment programs. Often, a family participates in a microschool while studying legally at home or enrolled in a private or online school. Unfortunately, there are currently no state scholarship options in Idaho to help cover the cost of private schools, but private scholarships may be available.

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