Why We Exist

The Educate Idaho Network was formed to help Idaho achieve its primary education goal: increasing the number of Idahoans who pursue college and career training after high school. The network brings together creative and passionate individuals with an interest in the College-to-Career continuum, including community leaders from business, state government, and nonprofits, to work toward the 60% goal.

The Educate Idaho Network is building a statewide support system among organizations that share this vision for Idaho students and that have resources or programs either directly helping students reach college or helping to build a college-going culture in Idaho. Our members actively promote education and career readiness as a pathway to success.

How We Work

Our network members focus on increasing communication and collaboration among stakeholder groups to share best practices, amplify the message that postsecondary education is important, and highlight resources that help students achieve success in every community . We share current issues and initiatives and advocate for effective programs targeting students in need of guidance or support.

Network members form local and regional collaboration teams that promote resources available to students and families. They work to keep the conversation continually moving forward about how to improve educational attainment in Idaho. Each year, members from around the state gather for a one-day meeting where they share their work and the successes that local and regional groups have produced.

The Educate Idaho Network provides support, technical assistance, and grant funding to regional collaborative groups to carry out this important work.

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Steering Committee

Learn more about our steering committee.

Fiscal Agency

University of Idaho is the fiscal agent of the Educate Idaho Network.  You can view the latest financial statement here.